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Internet Presence: Musical Teasers

YouTube: We were determined to produce very high quality promotional materials regardless of our incredibly small budget. Producing video teasers in collaboration with some of the musicians who had agreed to perform on the day as a part of our Red Bus Sessions project seemed like an obvious way to create a buzz in time for February. Our only obstacle was that we had to snare some generous professional cameramen to help us on our way. The concept was to shoot our musicians performing one song and chatting about the upcoming event in unusual venues across Edinburgh.

We started with one of our most well known bands Caro Bridges & The River performing in one of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile lesser known arches. Although the shoot was very successful and the band were just great we experienced a very unfortunate and unforeseen technical error. Whilst our camera visuals came out perfectly, our sound device did not actually manage to record any of the music! As our concept had hinged upon live, intimate and exclusive performances not having the live sound considerably changed the viewing experience. Our cameraman valiantly tried to sync a studio recording with the live footage, an almost impossible task considering the difference in performances, but much to our dismay we didn’t manage to recapture that important live element. We chose not to use the video in direct correlation with the event and learned from our mistakes!

Throughout the following months we continued to work closely with our cameramen gradually producing really impressive work. It was an intense learning curve in the art of Directing, striking a fine balance between artistic input, kind agreements to produce the projects free of charge and achieving our desired results.

We continued filming another 5 teasers across January and February leading right up until the last week before The Vintage Village Fete.

Emelle – A rooftop in Bruntsfield during a freezing cold winters sunset.
Kettle of Kites – An out of bounds pavilion by the river in Stockbridge.
Henry Bird (Winner of our Live and Not Signed Competition) – Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens
Jack Rabbit’s Foot Minstrels – In the rabbit hole.
Missing Cat – Big Door Little Door, by the literary museum.

I have featured my favorites here.

Many thanks to the bands and the hard work of our cameraman.


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