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Annie Lovell is a London based singer/songwriter and our pint-sized protégé.

A bright, young musician, Annie is a trained pianist from the Royal Academy of Music and produces both classical and pop music with equal vigour and passion. 

Part of Annie’s professional career has included work as a session musician on albums for artists such as Take That, on film soundtracks, and in operas, including Damon Albarn’s Monkey at the 02, a truly eclectic mix.

Annie says, “I’ve sung for as long as I can remember so it’s in my bones really. Think I’d find it pretty hard to walk without bones!”

We think you’re not wrong there Annie. 


What does she think of TheMFactory_?

“I have been so happy to be involved with the people behind the fantastic Moustache Factory_. An innovative idea to promote artists that they believe have the talent to go the extra mile, in a way that gets peoples attention and keeps things interesting. A caring, nurturing team that I know will continue to strive to promote me and others in a way that breaks the mould. Sounds pretty good to me!”

Thanks Annie, sounds pretty good to us too!

Sounds Like_

Her confession: She couldn’t live without cheese and crumble. Maybe some of our Mo chefs can help her out there?

Codename: MO#HAWK