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The Not So Sleepy Tipi


The Wandering Acoutsic Show Pt. 2

Guerilla Gigs_

Guerilla Gigs_

Coming soon to London!

Finding Albert @ The Red Bus Sessions

Finding Albert_The Red Bus Sessions

Our team loved these guys who made the journey all the way to Edinburgh just to perform on our Red Bus for charity. Hats off to them for raising the bar and the mood!

Very special thanks to The Red Bus Edinburgh:

Check out the very worthy charities we were supporting that day:

Cardboard Citizens (I042457):

Craigmillar Community Arts (SC032911):

The Forest (SC038234):


Of course the charity doesn’t end here. All of the above charities do some fantastic work across the UK and specifically in Edinburgh and really need our help during these difficult times. We can only encourage you to continue supporting these very worthy causes, after all, charity does start at home!

Das Contras @ The Red Bus Sessions

Das Contras_The Red Bus Sessions

We here at The Moustache Factory_ love a bit of brass, and boy did Das Contras tick all the boxes last February on a vintage double-Decker Bus!


MJ Vincent @ The Red Bus Sessions

MJ Vincent_

_The Red Bus Sessions, Edinburgh 2012

Three for a Girl @ The Red Bus Sessions

Three for a Girl_

_The Red Bus Sessions

A great recording of Heidi performing an acoustic session on a vintage double-decker bus in the center of Edinburgh University February 2012 .